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Apocalypto reposado

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Apocalypto reposado It was never our intentions to make good tequila. It has been and will remain our passion and commitment to make one of the best ultra premium tequilas in the world. Our attention and dedication to the smallest details is what sets every aspect of Apocalypto apart from any other tequila. It begins with staying true to a 500 year old process that starts with the careful harvesting of Blue Weber Agaves by skilled jimadores. After the Agaves have matured for an average of 15 years, the jimadores harvest our agave pinas with an intimate, hands on process. The pinas selected for Apocalypto’s artisan batches must possess a sugar content over 27%, substantially higher than the industry standard of 21%. Apocalypto’s pinas are trimmed close to the heart to eliminate the oily/waxy taste and texture commonly found in tequilas of lesser quality. These small details result in a final flavor and aroma that is unmatched. Carefully slow steam roasting the pinas in centuries old brick ovens allows the sweet natural, mellow flavors of the agave to remain and flourish. Recognizing the adage that “good things take time”, the fermentation process plays out like a masterful symphony. Fermenting for over 5 times longer than most mass produced tequilas, Apocalypto slowly develops a sweeter and truer full bodied agave flavor. This masterful artistry culminates with an 8 month oak barrel aging process that results in a beautifully crafted tequila that stands apart from any other on the market today. APOCALYPTO® Reposado embodies the artisan feel from the moment it catches your eye till the moment you fall in love with and rediscover this truly great tequila.


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